Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Treat Bags-2 Ways

The second way was even simpler. I just ran my sack through my Imagine on Print Only mode. Cool, huh? Since the images are worn and vintage looking it looks super cute in person. I would have cut the top with my scalloped scissors, but my crafting partner in crime is detaining them until she finds them. Yeah, she's 4 it could take awhile.
Really if you goal is simple and cute these are the way to go. Buy a big stack of them and you can customize them all year long. No more running out at the last minute to find the perfect treat bag. Just use the Imagine. See how it saves time and money? I am serious on that one. I have made many projects with this machine simply using stuff I have on hand and I am not even close to running out of ink. Tell Santa's little helper it's on your Christmas list.

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