Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey Imagine Critters!

Now Ladies you have to promise you will still love me after I tell you this. Or if you don't love me you have to like me, or atleast not be repulsed by me. I keep my house clean. I do I do. Okay, now I am starting to second guess myself. I can't tell you it is just THAT GROSS! I promised and I deliver on my promises. Besides last week when I said I was going to be renovating the girls' doll house, but I will get to that.

On with the gross story already! Right?

I had a sudden burst of nesting energy today and was cleaning the upstairs of my house. I don't know about you all, but my upstairs gets neglected in the "mess" department. I hope I am not the only one. So I am completely cleaning all the sheets and picking up my daughters bedroom when I noticed a completely off scent. However, I am pregnant and my nose is on high alert. I can unfortunately smell way more that I desire. After picking up most of her room I am beside myself trying to figure out who, what, when, where, or why. I go over to her potty chair that sits in the corner of her room "just in case" at night. Well in fact she had used it AND it did smell. HA! Mystery solved. Or was it? I remove the potty chair and proceed to explain that when she uses said chair she needs to let me know so I can immediately clean it. A couple hours later I was cleaning more sheets and was stripping her bed and thought, "IT STILL SMELLS!" It couldn't linger that long, could it? I mean I am in turbo, unnatural level of energy, starting to get frustrated, this is getting in the way of my cleaning agenda mode. I pull her sheets and walk over to her hamper to pull our her dirty clothes and throw them in the laundry room. I come back in and move her hamper because I see a couple socks behind it and what do I see? What do you think? Any guesses? A DEAD CHIPMUNK! Honestly, and my eyes didn't tell my brain what I was seeing so I almost picked it up. With my left hand. I am not kidding you. Not one bit. No joke. I freaked out like freaky freaked! Super appropriate I used the squirrel tag for my project for Imagine Critters DT. So there, I said it. It is all out in the open and we have no secrets. Hi, my name is Erin and I had a dead squirrel in my house. Still love me, please.

Thank God my husband was home and was able to dispose of the corpse. Just so you all know we have a brick house we have been renovating and have some missing bricks. We think he squirmed through from behind the wall in my daughters room where there is no trim up yet. The space he fit through is probably about and inch thick and he couldn't find his way back out. We are fairly certain our cat handled our little problem before we were made aware. I am not sure if I am thankful she killed him or would have rather him be alive when we found him. Although we do have a handmade net for situations just like that.


  1. It is unny. Someday, when you aren't pregnant, it will be hilatious! Do you still like "Alvin?"

  2. What a great story! Poor little chimpmunk! Love your tags...and how appropriate to make the squirrel!!

  3. Oh, how funny!! I have a story like that about a bat! Not dead tho, stuck head first in my kitchen sink drain! I almost touched it, too!! My hubby used some tongs to get rid of it. Atleast it didn't smell but it did FREAK me out!!!
    carriedan1 at live dot com

  4. OK a couple weeks ago I had seen a small snake run across our bathroom floor. I was on my way out and didn't have the time to take care of the matter...really I hoped he would leave on his own.
    For a couple days I did not see him and thought he had gone, than one nite while watching TV I got up to go to the refr. and what did I see...between the kitchen and family room my cat and snake facing each other. This looked like a stare down, so at that point I had to get ride of that snake..he's naow in snakey haven.
    Maybe if your cat goes outside he mite have brought it in.