Sunday, November 7, 2010

Questions Answered

I am glad some of you liked my project for the I-Team. I wanted to answer a couple questions regarding the process of making these cute little magnet dolls.

1. You take the vinyl sheet or white sticker paper and remove the backing.
2. Also remove the backing from the magnet paper.
3. Carefully place the vinyl sheet on the magnet sheet.
4. Rub out all the air bubbles.
5. If your edges don't line up perfectly just trim them down.
6. Select the images you want to cut.
7. Let the machine do the work.

When I work on projects I usually just use what I have on hand. In this case I had 1 sheet of 8 by 10 magnet paper and 1 sheet of 8 by 10 sticker paper. So when I went through and picked out all the images I wanted to cut I set my paper size on my machine to 8 by 10 and cut out as many images as it would let me for that size paper. In total I cut out 1 girl 5 outfits, 5 pair of shoes, and the cat. There are cute purses on there I wanted to cut too. The magnet material sticks just fine to a newer mat. My mat that I used for this project was the one I got with my Imagine, so I used my ATG gun and stuck it down. Then I just rubbed the tape off with my finger.

Other ideas I have thought about for the tins or magnet board are shapes, letters, numbers, colors, addition or subtraction, matching games. If you have an early reader you can have a set with rhyming words. (cat, rat, hat, bat) You could even cut out the images to help with visualization. I have some animals cut out and instead of throwing out the negative magnet material I just cut out a square. Then my girls can match the dog image into the dog negative. The tin especially would be great to have in the car. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Congratulation on beging chosen for the I-Team, Erin!

    I really like your magnetic paper doll project. My 5 yr old granddaughter would love this...

    I am very happy to be a follower of your blog and would like it if you stopped by my new blog :)
    Will be waiting for more great projects!

    Thanks alot,