Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Project-Two Ways

If you have come over from Imagine Critters, Welcome! Stay awhile and let me know what you think. Even if you think my ideas are lame. Oh and by the way I have a super cute project tomorrow. So come back, k. This is the 2nd way you can use those cutie magnet dolls.
I bought mdf hardboard. This stuff was like $5 for a large sheet. I painted the whole board with 4 layers of magnet paint, and 2 layers of white paint. I cut them down to the same size as the empty frame I had. Then I used tiny nails to hold it in place.
I have mine just leaning against the wall for the girls to play with. I am going to cut out more images. The cute purses and all the outfits and probably a couple more girls. They are so cute. Do you spot that little green bow in her hair? That is the inspiration for my project tomorrow.
See you soon!


  1. Cute idea for the pencil boxes. Did you just stick the vinyl sheet onto the magnet sheet? How many cuts did you do? Did the magnet sheet stick onto the mat easily? Questions!


  2. Erin,
    These are both adorable and creative ideas for kids. Tammy is a smart cookie bringing someone on board who thinks out of the box and has ideas in how to use the Imagine in other areas. Just shows how versatile the Imagine truly is. Welcome and congrats on becoming a new team member. I love these two projects. The magnetic board idea is one I want to try. I have twin granddaughters who just turned 10mos and although paper dolls are in their near future, I think that this board would be wonderful as a learning tool. I was thinking fun alphabets, colors/shapes, and animals - all of which cricut cards provide for us. TFS.

  3. I love this Idea so much! I will have to make something like this for my lil grandson. I am a follower!!! TFS Martha C.