Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gift Caddy

Have you ever been to Ana White? I got alot of inspiration for Christmas gifts from her blog. This was something that I didn't get a chance to make before Christmas but am glad I got a chance to now. There are so many ways you can turn this into a simple, easy, and cute gift. The best part is that this was 100% made out of scraps I have been asking (forcing) my husband to save.

Coffee and creamer makes a cute coffee box.
Parm and Tomato soup and you have an easy meal for a new mom.
Or you can show off and stuff your box with hand sewn keychains, coffee cozy, and onesies fit for any new mommy.

Cute, cute, cute! Stay tuned more gift ideas if you are willing to put in a little extra work.

1 comment:

  1. Love your wood totes. I am a wood worker and love these.