Friday, November 12, 2010

Wreath Turned on its Side

I did this step by step so you all could see how easy this is to do. Especially with the Imagine, right girls? I had 2 of the wreaths and didn't know how to use them in a different way. When I was in my favorite small town coffee shop with the most incredible mochas I came up with this idea.

Grapevine wreath
Kitchen String
White Paper
Paper Lunch Sacks
Imagine More Cart
Winter Wonderland
Fall Flowers

Hang on your favorite not so attractive looking chandelear from your previous resident spinster who locked herself in the house with multiple dead bolts on every door even interior ones.

Select your favorite birds. I also did varying sizes for each one. The printed birds are from Imagine More and the other bird is from Winter Wonderland filled with prints from Imagine More.

Use enough paper sacks to cut 2 silhouettes for each bird. I think I used 3.

Glue the birds to the paper sack then loosely cut through 2 layers.

I placed the string in between and then stitched around the edges switching my stitches between zigzag and straight stitch. Also varying the length of the zigzag.

Here they are up close.

I added a little sparkle to the Imagine More birds.

I then hung them using the string and some of them I tucked in the grapevine wreath.
I then added some really pretty fall flowers. I got the bouquet from Wal-Mart it was called fall bush. It was $5 and made it look so pretty and full.
Enjoy the prettiness. I loved the idea of using the birds from Imagine More and the bee image. Then you would have the birds and the bees, but it seemed more springtime than fall. I always save my projects in a plastic tote so I can pull them out later. So after I decorate this for Christmas the birds might get pulled back out for that reason.

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